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SUMMER LAW PROGRAM: Barcelona Bar Summer International Law Conference Schedule 2023

CLA/Barcelona Bar Summer International Law Conference Schedule. 17th-21st July 2023. 


Monday, July 17th

9.15 am - Welcome Speech by a member of the Barcelona Governing Board and President of CLA

  • Rosa Peña, member of the Barcelona Governing Board

9.30 am – Comparative Analysis in Sports Law

This panel will focus on bribery and other sports corruption in Spain/Europe and the United States, and will also address other important and topical issues for practitioners interested in international sports law and related issues.

  • Jeremy Evans, President, California Lawyers Association, Founder at California Sports Lawyer.
  • Maria Barbancho. Lawyer and Managing Partner MBA LEGAL
  • Joshua M. Surowitz (Moderator). funding Partner at Surowitz Immigration, PC, Past Chair of CLA International Law and Immigration Section

12.30 pm - Lunch

2.30 pm – Compliance: The role of the compliance officer - the US vs. the European Approach

What is the role of the compliance officer and what should California and other international attorneys know about the increasingly relevant issue of compliance in a more and more global world? The panelists will look at pertinent examples and considerations between the US vs. the European approach to compliance. 

  • Margaret Francisco, Senior Compliance Counsel, Virgin Orbit
  • Diego Pol, Partner in the Compliance Department Cuatre Casas
  • Theresa Leets (Moderator) 

Tuesday, July 18th
9.30 am - Corporate Disputes, Shareholders' Agreements and Arbitration
In recent years, corporate disuputes have increased in number and intensity, generating increasing litigation. The aim of this panel is to propose solutions that help to prevent and solve corporate conflicts (generally between majority and minority shareholders). It will mainly focus on shareholders' agreements and corporate arbitration and other ADR.

  • Dani Vázquez, Marco Bertaso, and Patrick Byrne
  • Patricia Montesinos (Moderator), Lawyer

12.30 pm - Lunch
2.30 pm - Consumer Mediation and Arbitration
The speakers will focus on strategies and current issues for mediation practice in the consumer environment, comparatively in both Spain and Europe and also in the United States, including cross border and International mediation issues.

  • Ana Sambold, Attorney / Mediator / Arbitrator / Negotiation Professor / Chair-Elect of ABA Dispute Resolution Section
  • Xavi Pineda. Lawyer

Wednesday, July 19th
9.00 am - Cybersecurity and Cybercrime 
Characteristics and new trends in cybersecurity and cybercrime. Spanish/EU and US law regarding computer security, crime, and digital evidence.

  • James C. Roberts III, Founding Principal at Global Capital Law Group
  • Andreu Van Den Eynde. Lawyer
  • Margaret Francisco 

10:30 am - Global Mobility and Comparative Immigration
Practitioners from several different jurisdictions in North America and Europe will examine the most relevant hot topics facing immigration in the international context. This program will be of interest not only to immigration lawyers but to all practitioners, as the panel will focus on what all attorneys in California, Europe, and elsewhere should know about global mobility today.

  • Joshua Surowitz, Founding Partner at Surowitz Immigration, PC, Past Chair of CLA International Law and Immigration Section
  • Ana Homet Alonso, Principal, Law Office of Ana Homet Alonso
  • Pavan Dhillon, Foundig Principal, Dhillon Immigration Law
  • Ana Garicano, Partner / Managing Director at Sargadoy Legal & Expat SLP

12:30 pm - Lunch

Thursday, July 20th
9.30 am - Visit to the Barcelona City of Justice
12.30 pm - Doing business and Investing between Spain and California/US
The panel will focus on doing business between these jurisdictions, including real estate transactions, taxation for non-residents and inheritance aspects, the Spanish Golden Visa process, and the process of incorporating foreign companies and vehicles of investment.

  • Richard Silberstein,  Partner at Gomez-Acebo & Pombo
  • Richard Bainter (Moderator), Attorney, Chair of CLA International Law and Immigration Section
  • Patrick Byrne, Partner - International Arbitration at B. Cremades y Asociados
  • Yolanda Lobao, Partner in ECIJA, Abogado/ Solicitor of England & Wales

Friday, July 21th

1:30 pm - Closing ceremony by a Member of the Barcelona governing board and Chair of CLA ILS

  • Joaquim de Miquel, Secretary of ther Barcelona Governing Board
  • Richard Bainter
  • Joshua M. Surowitz


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No Col·legiats/des ICAB 75,00€
Idiomes | Internacional | Congrés

SUMMER LAW PROGRAM: Barcelona Bar Summer International Law Conference Schedule 2023

Informació general

  • 17/07/2023 - 21/07/2023
  • ICAB
  • 9h
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