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Committee for the Protection of Animal Rights

Our body (ICAB) launched in the year 2002 the Committee for the Protection of Animal Rights, the first ever in Spain (we are the only Bar Association that has it).

It was born with the aim of putting the State and the Autonomous Communities regulations on a level with that of other countries of the European Union as regards animal protection since the laws and regulations existing when the Committee was set up were completely insufficient and inappropriate for a civilized society.

From the very moment of its creation, its members, all of them practising lawyers and devoted to the animal cause, have been ceaselessly fighting for a higher protection of animal rights, and have organized all kinds of meetings and events (among them two congresses which aroused great interest in the mass media and were attended by a large number of participants) to foster the efficiency and implementation of protectionist regulations.

Our task has also been to collaborate, with this only aim in mind, with other institutions both of the Government of Catalonia and of the rest of Spain. Nowadays, the objective of the lawyers who are in the Committee is to ensure that the applicable regulations are complied with, especially in the criminal field, and that the new section 337 of the Criminal Code which regulates this offence, and the new text of section 632.2 which regulates misdemeanour, are abided by.

From our current privileged position, our Committee is widely represented within the agencies of the Government of Catalonia, the Town Council, the Province Council and the Generalitat, and as our reputation continues to grow ceaselessly, we carry on with our tasks, and are willing to take part in any iniciative that shares our objectives. We encourage all Bar members to work together so as to achieve our aims in the legal world.

*** MEMBERS OF THE Committee for the Protection of Animal Rights

Òrgans de direcció

    • Diputada Responsable
    • Maria Carmen Valenzuela Hidalgo
    • Nº 31072
    • Presidenta
    • Magda Oranich Solagran
    • Nº 7789
    • Vicepresident
    • Carles Soliva i Hernández
    • Nº 10171
    • Secretaria-Tresorera
    • Anna Maria Pibernat Bartés
    • Nº 8920


    • ICAB Departments 
    Mallorca, 283
    08037 Barcelona, Barcelona - España

    T. 93 601 12 13 - EXT. 5319 T. 93 496 18 80 E.