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Committee for the Rights of Elderly People

*** MEMBERS OF THE Committee for the Rights of Elderly People

The Committee for the Rights of Elderly People aims at examining the regulations concerning elderly people so that these rights are effectively complied with.

The new Committee, chaired by the barrister Jordi Muñoz Iranzo, will also gather technical, social and economic data so as to find out which are the legal gaps in the legislation concerning elderly people and will draw up proposals and recommendations to improve the legal consideration of this group. They will also promote conferences and symposiums to increase the lawyers' knowledge of the most frequent issues concerning elderly people and to make this group aware of their rights and how to exercise them.

Apart from focusing on the aforementioned issues the Committee for the Righst of Elderly People also seeks to foster relations between generations, so as to make society and lawyers aware of the fact that family conflicts do not confine themselves to the couple and the children, as there are other members -the grandparents- who can also be affected by this situation and who must also be taken into account when having recourse to law, or to mediation. Therefore, this new Committee will first deal with the following issues: a) Housing b) Dependent Relatives c) Elder Abuse

Òrgans de direcció

    • Diputat Responsable
    • Joaquín de Miquel Sagnier
    • Nº 12855
    • President
    • Miquel Puiggalí Torrentó
    • Nº 14312
    • Vicepresident
    • Jordi Muñoz Iranzo
    • Nº 19282
    • Secretaria-Tresorera
    • Montserrat Miliàn i Sànchez
    • Nº 21139


    • ICAB Departments 
    Mallorca, 283
    08037 Barcelona , Barcelona - España

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