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Committee on Socio-professional Prospects

General objective:

To conduct a study on the current state of the profession that can result in a White Book on the Profession.

Specific objectives:

  • To conduct an opinion poll on a service provided by the Bar: job vacancies.
  • Data collection of the number of lawyers working for the same firm within ICAB's jurisdiction.
  • Data collection of the number of lawyers in each municipality within ICAB's jurisdiction.
  • Analysis of the available details of each member of the Bar. - Classification of members of the Bar according to gender, age, whether practising or not and year of entry to the Bar.
  • Collection of statistic data on civil liability claims on lawyers.
  • To conduct a full survey of the current and future situation of law firms and lawyers within the ambit of ICAB.
  • Collection of data from universities on the evolution of matriculations at the faculties of law in recent years.
  • To carry out a survey of the opinion the society has on the service provided by lawyers.
  • To conduct a survey of the current and future needs of the business world as regards legal services.
  • To conduct an opinion poll on the future prospects for the younger sectors of society.
  • To compare the results obtained with those obtained in similar polls and surveys conducted by other Bars through the FBE and other international associations which the ICAB is a member of.
  • To organize meetings with other professions to assess the results.
  • To organize meetings with prominent figures of the social, cultural and economic world in order to assess the results and consider their consequences

*** MEMBERS OF THE Committee on Socio-professional Prospects

Òrgans de direcció


    • ICAB Departments 
    Mallorca, 283
    08037 Barcelona , Barcelona - España

    T. 93 601 12 12 - EXT. 5300 F. 93 215 52 96