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Committee on Drugs

The general objectives of the Committee on Drugsare as follows:

  • To promote the study, consideration and investigation of the circumstances and the causes of drug addiction and the criminal activity and delinquency that ensues.
  • The Committee seeks to denounce whatever is considered ineffective or faulty and will provide the conclusions of the work done.
  • To work out a plan of action to be implemented every year. All those objectives that, though not included in these regulations, are agreed upon by the Committee members in plenary session.

And the specific objectives:

  • To set up working parties within the Committee so as to carry out specific studies and assignments, with a person in charge of each group to be appointed if deemed appropriate. The said groups will announce in plenary session the results of the tasks assigned to them.
  • To encourage other professionals to join in and collaborate, and to keep in touch with groups dealing with this subject.
  • To organize every year meetings on an Autonomous Community, State or international basis.
  • To organize round table conferences on specific issues every year.
  • To make the Committee's views known on the mass media.
  • To study specific matters of special interest.
  • To set up a documentation centre specifically for these issues that can be accessed by the members, and make available the information gathered.
  • To collect statistics to be used by the Committee.
  • Whenever requested, to take part as speakers in conferences and round tables.
  • To set up a consultative body that will draw up the reports requested by public or private institutions.
  • To publish studies conducted or articles written by the Committee.
  • To draw up the annual report on the tasks carried out by the committee. .All those objectives that, though not included in these regulations, are agreed upon by the Committee members in plenary session

*** MEMBERS of the Committee on Drugs

Òrgans de direcció


    • ICAB Departments 
    Mallorca, 283
    08037 Barcelona , Barcelona - España

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